“Revolutionizing Dental Prosthetics with DentalVisio3D’s Advanced Pack”

Discover a New Dimension in Patient Education and Engagement.
Unlock the potential with over 100 interactive real 3D dental models right at your fingertips. Our innovative approach in DentalVisio3D’s Final Bundle transforms patient consultations, making them more informative and visually engaging.

Explore Real 3D Prosthetic Solutions for Edentulous Patients

Delve into our comprehensive range of prosthetic solutions,
featuring 9 distinct options for both upper and lower full prosthetic restorations.
Our platform enables a side-by-side comparison of different prosthetics,
enhancing patient understanding and aiding in informed decision-making.

3D PA (3D Personal Assistant):
A Segment in Personalized Dental Care

The 3D Personal Assistant module offers an extensive selection of 13 distinct segments for partial restoration, both for upper and lower dental needs. Within each segment, discover 9 varied prosthetic restoration possibilities. This module is designed to facilitate side-by-side comparisons, allowing patients and dentists to explore and comprehend various prosthetic options in a more detailed and patient-friendly manner.